tpz meeting 8 10 11
T.P.Z. Meeting August 10, 2011


Cedar Mountain / Toll Brothers' Proposal is on Shaky Ground

    The increasing array of stumbling blocks to the transitional development  of  Cedar mountain reached a new high at the August 10, 2011  T.P.Z meeting.   Blasting (or pounding the rock out piece by piece for each lot), environmental impact concerns, traffic, limited access; the Toll Brothers’ proposal itself appears to be on “shaky ground”.

     Historically, terrains of this type are used solely for mining purposes and housing construction was considered unfeasible for many of the reasons now unfolding during ongoing discussions with town representatives. 

Why Cedar Mountain is Unique:

  Cedar Mountain has become a safe haven for wildlife that migrated due to encroachment from bordering metropolitan areas.



  An overwhelming majority of area residents believe that housing of any density cannot be situated within the Cedar Mountain without disastrous effects to wildlife, and astronomical costs necessary for infrastructure and town services.

  The claim that harmony can be achieved between wetlands, wildlife, and housing is flawed and valid evidence has been submitted on record by Wetlands Commission to substantiate this.



A Recommended solution:

Please do not disturb our homes!